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Modern service management for dummies: it’s the dependencies, stupid! (Including your outdated mental model)

David Pultorak January 25, 2016 Modern Service Management

People in organizations often look to "get process out of the way" as the path to meetings the critical business need to move ever quicker with quality when introducing change into ecosystems that are massive in scale and complexity to the point that they cannot be comprehended by one mind. The (well intentioned, but flawed) thinking is that less process overhead will reduced the time required to make changes. But this is the wrong path to that outcome, and often has its subscribers running in the opposite direction of meeting the business need.  What is the right path? Rooting out...

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ITIL V3 and ITIL 2011 Edition - Major Changes Despite the Mandate

Admin Pultorak January 25, 2016 IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

The official mandate for change for the ITIL V3 edition specified that the update would be focused on correction, clarification, and rationalization across the content and its structure; no new concepts were to be introduced.  This is not what occurred with ITIL 2011 Edition; despite the mandate, major changes were introduced. The itsm portal has a good article on these changes http://www.amazon.com/ITIL-Pocket-Guide-Practice-Publishing/dp/9087536763.  See the links also for the other articles parts 1-4. Pultorak & Associates offers an ITIL 2011 Edition bridging course, which is an awareness course that gives you and your team a chance to review the changes with...

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ITIL problem management drill-down / get past scratching the surface with Jon Nelson, March 2012 HDI Philly event

Jon Nelson January 25, 2016 problem management

Problem management is one of the "big three" processes of most direct concern to the Help Desk, namely Incident, Problem, and Service Request management.  In this session, Jon Nelson covers the Problem Management process and how the Help Desk function plays a role in it, including the relationship between incidents and problems and how they connect in practice. This interactive session will cover twelve key topics in problem management that require decisions and action in organizations: The value of Problem Management Problem Record Fields Known Error Record Fields Proactive Problem Management Coding Structure Review and Audit Tooling matters Integration with Incident Management Roles and Responsibilities...

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Passing the ITIL® Foundation Exam: 2011 Edition (english version) written by Pultorak - available now!

Jon Nelson January 25, 2016 IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

This book helps people prepare for the ITIL® 2011 Edition Foundation qualification exam. It contains direct links to all syllabus and specifies the terms and definitions required. In addition it gives sample questions for practice both within the text and also a number of the official exams questions in the back. The content of this book is based on the ITIL® 2011 Edition core guidance and APMG’s ITIL Foundation Certificate syllabus edition 2011. Written by David Pultorak, Jon Nelson, and Vincent Pultorak of Pultorak & Associates, and reviewed by other professionals this unique work provides clear and concise guidance for all those...

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Pultorak & Associate to exhibit at HDI Annual Vendor Fair Friday, October 21, 2011 8AM to 5PM at Harrah’s in Chester, PA

Jon Nelson January 25, 2016 HDI Annual Vendor Fair IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) ITIL 2011 ITIL 2011 Edition ITIL Updates

September 30, 2011, Philadelphia, PA Jon Nelson, Managing Director of the Philadelphia office of Pultorak & Associates (http://shop.pultorak.com), and David Pultorak, Founder and Chief Executive, will be exhibiting at the 11th Annual HDI Vendor Fair & Luncheon on Friday, October 21, 2011 8AM to 5PM at Harrah’s in Chester, PA. Jon and David will be showcasing Pultorak & Associates’ ITIL® implementation and training, including Pultorak’s all-new ITIL 2011 Edition courses, and full line of quality, accredited ITIL courses including cost-effective CBTs used in over 50 countries with excellent pass rates. Example: ITIL Foundations CBT $154; ITIL Expert bundle $2,256; includes...

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