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Start communicating more visually today with these three simple tools

David Pultorak January 25, 2016 visual communication

We've been going through a simple but revolutionary transition with our company and with our customers, and that simple transition is: visual communication.  It all started with our adopting tools like TechSmith's SnagIT (which allows you to capture and annotate screen shots - still images - from your PC),  PDF-Xchange (from Tracker Software)  for marking up PDF documents, and Camtasia (also from TechSmith) for recording live motion on your screen with audio and webcam to create videos.  The long and short of all of this is that we began using these tools to create learning and readiness content for our clients;...

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Knowledge, who needs that stinkin Knowledge?

Jon Nelson January 25, 2016 Knowledge Process Procedures

Efficient, actionable knowledge is one of, if not THE most powerful tools to improve overall IT operational performance you can find within the four walls of your IT shop, and it's FREE! What is Knowledge? For me it's any form of recorded information that describes accurately the realities of the IT landscape, and or describes in a proscriptive actionable manner how to complete a simple or complex task successfully, or educates individuals on key concepts and technology. What forms can it take? It can be electronic or hardcopy, but in either case it must be easily found and utilized. 1....

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Microsoft Operations Framework: Why Bother?

David Pultorak January 25, 2016 Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF)

I've been an advocate of the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF, www.microsoft.com/mof) for many years now.  Some IT professionals in the Microsoft space get hung up with a "versus" mentality, i.e., why bother with MOF when there are other generally accepted frameworks out there for managing IT as a services organization, including ISO 20000, COBIT, and ITIL? There are many reasons.  Firstly, MOF supports these generally accepted frameworks and even provides a map to them--so you can be assured that what you do with MOF will not be out of line with other frameworks. Next, MOF guidance and training materials are free...

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