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Knowledge, who needs that stinkin Knowledge?

Jon Nelson January 25, 2016 Knowledge Process Procedures

Efficient, actionable knowledge is one of, if not THE most powerful tools to improve overall IT operational performance you can find within the four walls of your IT shop, and it's FREE! What is Knowledge? For me it's any form of recorded information that describes accurately the realities of the IT landscape, and or describes in a proscriptive actionable manner how to complete a simple or complex task successfully, or educates individuals on key concepts and technology. What forms can it take? It can be electronic or hardcopy, but in either case it must be easily found and utilized. 1. Hardcopy or electronic media 2. Diagrams 3. Configurations 4. Functional and Technical documentation 5. Proscriptive, step by step procedures 6. Policies 7. PowerPoints, Word docs, Excel sheets 8. CBTs Extracting it from the minds of the organization, keeping it relevant, accurate and actionable, and providing mechanisms to serve it up and be made easily and readably accessible are key challenges to getting this valuable asset to deliver it's promise.

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