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David Pultorak co-authors IT Business Management: Solutions from SAP – A Pocket Guide

Peter Quagliariello January 25, 2016 IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

Managing IT like a business demands integrated and systematic business and IT insight – the kind of integration and systematic insight that SAP has spent the last 35 years helping the world’s leading companies achieve. Best-run businesses use SAP® solutions to automate key business processes so they can close the gap between strategy and execution. Best-run businesses drive clarity into their organizations by gaining insight for improved performance, efficiency for optimized operations, and flexibility to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Like best-run businesses, best-run IT organizations are able to optimize operations, maximize innovation, and adjust rapidly to evolving business needs. Their IT management solutions help them better understand themselves and their customers and make the best decisions in the face of challenging expectations and constraints. This book outlines SAP’s view on best-run IT. It will help orient you to our related solutions and provide you with ideas for driving clarity and business value in your IT organization.

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Conditions of satisfaction: the key to ITIL-based activities, deliverables and roles

David Pultorak January 25, 2016 IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

Most efforts aimed at clarifying activities, deliverables and roles based on ITIL are fairly good at getting the activities assigned, the contents for the deliverables documented, and roles assigned to individuals.  What they are typically not good at is making sure "what good looks like" is defined for each of these three.  As a result, the organization is missing the key ingredient to making all of this a success: the "why".  While this is understandable, as there is a lot of work necessary to get the "what" to do in place, without the "why"--the end in mind you're shooting for, chances of arriving...

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