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David Pultorak to speak at IASA Oct 9 6PM Seattle, WA on Next Generation IT

David Pultorak January 25, 2016 Modern Service Management

Stay tuned for details.... here is the abstract (below) and information on IASA. Next Generation IT: What Modern Looks Like – The Architect’s Perspective The landscape of IT has changed under our feet over the past few years. What had been a set of bleeding edge pipedreams—the cloud, modern server, network and storage hardware and virtualization capabilities, modern applications and platforms, and work practices—are more and more common and core to what we do and deal with on a daily basis as IT professionals. This will be an interactive session where the Architects in the audience will be asked to explore what modern looks like and how it compares with what came before, along four dimensions—technology, principles (basic operational assumptions), people, and processes. Following that will be a facilitated discussion of how the changes in the landscape of ITIL affect the “how” of managing IT—to explore interactively what “modern” looks like for IT management. The goal of the session is to explore current trends in sysops, what is needed in order to operationalize solutions, and to capture insights from the architect community on what gaps they see in developing solutions for operations. Participants should walk away with some ideas for what modern IT looks like as it emerges, and some thoughts on how what modern looks like changes what it means for an Architect to be effective. David Pultorak, a noted ITIL / IT service management / Sysops expert will facilitate the session.

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