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CCC® Examination Vouchers

Order examination vouchers to take an exam online on a device equipped with a webcam and modern browser at a time and place of your choosing. 

Please note:

  • As of January 1, 2022, hardcopy exam session seats are no longer offered as an option by PeopleCert/Axelos.
  • The ITIL® Official Accreditor sets the cost and terms of examinations, including the validity period, and these are subject to change. The current validity period is one (1) year, which starts from the time you ask for and receive your voucher number from us, not from the time of purchase. 
  • If you purchase an exam voucher from us, and have not asked for and received a voucher code, and PeopleCert/Axelos announces a price increase, we will honor your purchase price towards the purchase of a current voucher at the current price. This does not apply to vouchers you have claimed or for vouchers that have expired. Please visit PeopleCert's support page and use the Chat option for questions on PeopleCert examinations.
  • The ITIL® Official Accreditor prohibits all ATOs including Pultorak from selling ITIL® examination vouchers to you if you have not taken the course associated with the voucher with us, even if you can provide proof that you have taken the course with another accredited organization. The exceptions are ITIL® Foundation and Practitioner examination vouchers. If you have taken a course with us, or if you have not and want to order an ITIL® Foundation and Practitioner voucher, you can do so here

You are permitted to order an ITIL® Foundation exam voucher from us even if you have not taken an ITIL® Foundation course with us. For other vouchers, to order them, your options are to: 

  • Order an examination voucher in conjunction with a course from us in any format, including online video-based, digital (PDF) or hardcopy courseware.
  • Go back to the organization you took the course with and obtain an examination voucher from them, or
  • Approach PeopleCert directly to obtain a voucher.

If you have questions,contact us at info@pultorak.com or +12067291107.