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ITIL® Practitioner - get certified, including trainers

Katy Ryan February 24, 2016 itil practitioner itil practitioner certification itil practitioner course itil practitioner courseware itil practitioner elearning itil practitioner instructor powerpoint itil practitioner instructor presentation itil practitioner self-study itil practitioner training

Course 55159AC The ITIL® Practitioner Certificate in IT Service Management has just been published on the Courseware Marketplace. It covers the 'how' of adopting and adapting ITIL®, and is meant for everyone who has learned the 'what and why' of ITIL® through course 55011AC The ITIL® Practitioner Certificate in IT Service Management. ITIL® Practitioner is an official ITIL® course with associated official ITIL® book (a hardcopy of which is allowed in the open-book exam) and exam. Besides the student kits offered on Courseware Marketplace, instructor kits are available separately from Pultorak and Associates for teaching the class. Digital courses purchased on Courseware Marketplace can use the SkillPipe Reader for a friction-free learning experience on a wide variety of devices including iPad, Android, and Windows devices.

The ITIL® Practitioner Certificate in IT Service Management version on Courseware Marketplace aligns to all the formats available on pultorak.com including instructor kits, exams, eLearning, downloadable Computer Based Training (CBT), Digital courseware (protected PDF), hardcopy student books, and official ITIL® Practitioner publication; this alignment means you can use any combination of these formats and still be assured the same content is covered, with the same structure and numbering scheme.

To perform an accredited delivery of the course and be able to get an examination for your students, you’ll need a current ITIL® Foundation and ITIL® Practitioner certificates, and hold either the ITIL® Expert certificate or a minimum of 12 credits in the ITIL® examination program, including 3 credits for ITIL® Continual Service Improvement (CSI). If you meet the 12-credit requirement but do not hold the required CSI certification, you will have until 12/31/16 to acquire them; the requirement for CSI certification makes sense as the course is based on the ITIL® Practitioner publication, which provides ‘how to’ details for implementing the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of CSI, and as such assumes knowledge of CSI.

The ITIL® Practitioner exam is a 40-question, scenario-based multiple choice exam; a passing score is 28 of 40 (70%) or more; you have 105 minutes to complete the exam, which can be taken 24x7, online, from your location (you will need a modern browser and a webcam).

Over 2 million IT professionals have certified in ITIL®; Practitioner offers them an opportunity to build skills at applying what they have learned; if you are an instructor or training organization, ITIL® Practitioner provides you with an opportunity to help them get there. As an MCT, you can get your free student kit from Courseware Marketplace and get started at preparing for the exam today.

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