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Katy Ryan January 25, 2016 pultorak references

"I was looking for the best, fastest and most way economic way to achieve ITIL® expert certification. After trying my first course with Pultorak & Associates, I didn't think twice and decided to go ahead and complete the full track with them, and I did. Besides being professional, helpful, supportive and responsive, I found the Pultorak Team very friendly. Thanks to the Pultorak Team who really helped me earn ITIL® Expert certification in a very short period of time."

Amir Allam IT Department Head - McDonald's Egypt

"Pultorak’s ITIL® Intermediate CBTs are fantastic and I highly recommend using them as your training provider on your path to ITIL® V3 Expert certification. Their training material is professional, comprehensive and easy to understand. After earning my Foundations level certification through self-study, I wanted to find cost effective and self paced computer based courses to help me achieve Expert level certification and stumbled upon Pultorak through the OGC website. I looked through their sample CBTs and decided to register for their Service Strategy course. I went through the training in about 10 days, and passed this Intermediate exam on my first attempt. In the proceeding weeks and months, I purchased all of the Lifecycle Track and MALC CBTs and passed each exam on my first attempt due in large part to Pultorak’s excellent courses. Their staff is great and always responsive to questions you may have about all things ITIL® including study material, exam logistics, and the ITIL® qualification scheme. Pultorak’s online learning is an ideal path to earning ITIL® Expert certification for working professionals who cannot takes weeks off of work to sit through in person training. Their CBT system allows you to work your way through the Intermediate level courses at your own pace taking as little or as much time as you need. The last but not least factor in why you should consider Pultorak is the cost structure of the training. My entire Pultorak training expenses through Expert certification were less than I would have paid taking 1 Intermediate course through many other providers. The combination of their reasonable pricing, knowledgeable trainers and friendly staff, and flexibility to train at your own pace make Pultorak a great choice as your ITIL® V3 Intermediate/Expert training provider.

Thanks Pultorak for your role in helping me achieve my ITIL® V3 Expert certification!"  Ashish Goel  

As a more senior technology consultant/contractor, it’s often hard to find the time to go to multiple day courses or get funding for training programs that can make a difference in one’s career growth.  Over the last decade, average lengths with companies was 2-3 years at best so getting any education or training funded for more senior staff was often non-existent.  There was certainly no education or training funds for contractors only hired for specific programs or projects.  For this reason, it’s important to find solid education and training programs that are time and cost effective, or, put in business terms, have a solid ROI (return on investment).  This is especially important since it’s my hard earned dollars being used to fund any programs!  Pultorak’s ITIL Expert program has been just the ticket for me as I’ve worked on several different Service Management engagements this past year.  I would say it would be just the thing for those technology workers that have limited time to spend in classrooms and don’t want to see their earnings pushed into training programs that don’t deliver.  Pultorak does! 

Douglas Grupe

  “I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the help you gave in getting me the materials for the ITIL Foundations class.” “Thank you for your support and for all that you do.” Sandra McDougall, Microsoft   “Thanks for the rush on this class. I really appreciate that you overnighted it to the instructor so she can review over the weekend…thanks a million! You’re also a pleasure to work with.” Steve Larson (OPSCON), Microsoft

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