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Pultorak on ITIL on LinkedIn Learning

Check out David Pultorak's,"Putting ITIL® into Practice" series of courses, now available on LinkedIn Learning and Lynda.com

Putting ITIL® into Practice: Applying ITIL® Foundations. This new, one-of-a-kind content does precisely what a follow-up course to ITIL Foundation should: reference each topic learned, and discuss specific actions individuals, teams, and organizations can take to put each topic into practice, distilling 7 key application techniques from a practitioner and contributor to ITIL, distilled from 20 years of application experience.

DevOps for ITIL-Driven Shops Putting ITIL® into Practice: DevOps for ITIL® Practitioners. This is unique content that helps people working in enterprise IT shops, with both traditional and cloud/mobile environments, work through the intersection of DevOps and ITIL®; how to adapt each for the other, while taking enterprise constraints into consideration, as you move towards enterprise digital transformation.
Putting ITIL® into Practice: Problem Management Techniques.  ITIL® mentions, but does not cover the "how to" of 7 key problem management techniques.  This course "fills in the blanks" providing step-by-step guidance on how to do each technique.

Did you know? You may have a free subscription to Lynda.com learning through your local library system or through the business you work in. And, Pultorak and its affiliates offer one and two-day workshops around each of these topics. To find out more, contact us at info@pultorak.com

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