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ITIL 4 Courseware

Focus on training delivery, instead of creating and maintaining courseware by using our quality, accredited, cost-effective ITIL 4 courseware. 

Why choose our courseware? It's written by ITIL Expert consultant / trainers who have contributed to ITIL, who actively apply the concepts, and who are also expert in instructional design.  This unique combination of skills translates into courseware that will help you get the concepts across to your clients clearly and effectively.

Not all courseware is equal in quality, and neither are all partnerships. We've been creating courseware since 2001, and our partners use it in over 60 countries. We'd love to have you in our family of partners. Together, we can make a difference in this industry, getting across concepts that help individuals, teams and organizations get further, faster in their work because of what we do. What could be better than that? :)

You can by instructor kits, which are licensed per instructor and good for multiple deliveries of the same major version of the course.

Instructor kits are here:

ITIL 4 Foundation $216 USD

ITIL 4 Awareness $79 USD

You can purchase student courseware kits, either as hardcopy courseware, digital courseware (protected eBook), online eLearning or downloadable Computer-Based Training (CBTs). All courseware is matched down to the page level, so you can be assured of consistency.

Student kits are here:

              ITIL 4 Foundation $108

              ITIL 4 Awareness $39

If you will be certifying your students, you will need either exam session seats (where you proctor the exam) or exam vouchers (where the students can take the exam online with a remote proctor at a time and place of their choosing).

Exam session seats are here:

ITIL 4 Foundation $255

Exam vouchers are here:

ITIL 4 Foundation $280

Course overview PDFs are here:

              ITIL 4 Foundation

              ITIL 4 Awareness

eLearning demos are here:

              ITIL 4 Foundation

              ITIL 4 Awareness

You can use our courseware as an independent trainer, or as an Accredited Organization (AO) or licensed affiliate of Pultorak & Associates, which is an Accredited Training Organization (ATO).  

Here's how to become an accredited ITIL trainer.

Here's how to become an AO of Pultorak & Associates

You can always contact us at info@pultorak.com or +12067291107, or by using the contact app in the lower right corner of our website.